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csütörtök, május 26, 2016

Új játék hozzáadva: Medal Masters

Medal Masters using a special power Medal Masters chaotic fight Medal Masters gameplay Play this highly addictive RPG in which you’ll get to participate in many intense battles.

Form a party of many brave and fearsome heroes and embark on epic quests full of thrill.

Time your skills properly to wreck your opponents with an insane amount of damage.
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hétfő, május 23, 2016

Új játék hozzáadva: Elsword Online

Elsword Online Fireballs Gameplay for Elsword Online Elsword Online Gameplay Play through an en exciting side scrolling experience with lots to see and do.

Play with your friends in the engaging co-op modes where teamwork is everything.

Fast paced action combat where the slightest mistake can make the difference between life and death.
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péntek, május 20, 2016

Új játék hozzáadva: Overkill 3

Overkill 3: Vaulting across walls Zoomed Headshot in Overkill 3 Overkill 3: Weapon Upgrade Types An ever oppressing Faction wants everyone to follow and obey.

Fight back against the oppression despite being painfully outnumbered.

Join the fight and turn the tides of battle at Overkill 3!
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kedd, május 17, 2016

Get All Your Favorite MMO Apps Over at PlayGamesLike

Find games like Rival Kingdoms over at PlayGamesLike If you’re looking for that one perfect MMO App that has everything you want but can’t seem to find it then PlayGamesLike might be able to help out with that. Olvass többet
szombat, május 14, 2016

Új játék hozzáadva: Tribal Wars

Tribal Wars Gameplay Different types of troops for Tribal Wars Tribal Wars: Build your empire Acquire glory, fame and power in this highly addictive MMORTS experience.

Start off with a small village and slowly spread your control across the game world and acquire multiple villages.

Send massive armies to raid your opponents so you can get your hands on their resources.
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szerda, május 11, 2016

Új játék hozzáadva: Imperia Online

Imperia Online Castle Choices of Infantry in Imperia Online Imperia Online Emperor and Lineage In Imperia Online, the goal is to rise highest among the best Warlords in the game.

Establish your own empire and secure all necessary resources to grow and survive.

Gather a powerful army to defend your city or to pillage and conquer other cities.
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vasárnap, május 8, 2016

Új játék hozzáadva: Forge of Empires

The battle gameplay for Forge of Empires The logo for Forge of Empires A villiage in the gameplay of Forge of Empires From a humble town to a great kingdom decide the course of your Empire.

Build your city and armies then sweep across the land.

Play with or against your friends as you take over the world.
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csütörtök, május 5, 2016

Új játék hozzáadva: Might & Glory: Kingdom War

Well-defended base in Might & Glory: Kingdom War Might & Glory: Kingdom War: To battle! Dragons and heroes in Might & Glory: Kingdom War Immerse yourself in a fresh take on medieval strategy in this RTS-tower defense hybrid game

Recruit knights, wizards and archers, set up traps, and build magical towers and castles

Climb the ranks and become the strongest and most fearsome warlord in the kingdom
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