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Hopeless Land vs Free Fire

Rate this Article Nowadays we see new mobile based battle royale games surface pretty much every other days and, in this particular article, we’ll the two games from this particular category that we feel are absolutely top notch. Apps To Play - Hopeless Land vs Free Fire

Although both Free Fire and Hopeless Lands are essentially built on the same last man standing concept, they still have various unique characteristics that set them apart from one another so, while both of these are exceptional games, they’re suited to different audiences.

The first major difference that we’ve noticed between these two games is the fact that Hopeless Land seems to be a lot slower paced as compared to Free Fire. Although both these games are quite intense because pretty much everyone will be trying to kill you, Free Fire feels a lot faster because the map itself is smaller and, due to this, you’ll run into people a lot more frequently and the games conclude quicker as well. Hopeless Land, on the other hand, features a much larger map so the gameplay feels a lot more strategic instead of having chaotic moments every other second.

The amount of players in both these games varies significantly as well. Free Fire is a game that only supports up to fifty different players per battle and, on the other hand, Hopeless Land can feature up to 120 different players in a single session. Due to this difference in players on the playing field, Free Fire is a game that’s more suited for solo playing since the odds of you surviving by yourself will be much higher but, on the other hand, Hopeless Land is catered to players who want to play in a squad as you’ll absolutely need a squad with you if you hope to survive in an island that consists of more than 100 people who are all trying to annihilate you.

Although both these games come with a variety of vehicles that players can utilize during the gameplay, Hopeless Land seems to focus on this particular gameplay aspect a lot more than Free Fire. Since the map of Hopeless Land is larger, it seems to have a lot more vehicles that players can utilize and it even features boats that players can make use of to make their way through the sea which is something that Free Fire doesn’t have. On the other hand, Free Fire’s land of focus is actually a good thing in its particular case because there really isn’t any need to throw tons upon tons of vehicles in a map that isn’t as large.

Finally, the visuals of these games have minor differences as well that set the two apart from one another. Free Fire is a game that tries to keep things as realistic as possible but Hopeless Land manages to implement a bunch of overly flashy animations to the mix. Both games look absolutely top notch, though, so they definitely won’t disappoint.

All said and done, though, both Free Fire and Hopeless Land are absolutely spectacular mobile based battle royale games that we urge players to try out because they’re more than capable of providing hours upon hours of exciting moments to anyone who gives them a shot.

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