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Why Do We Like Playing Crash of Cars?

Rate this Article Crash of Cars is one of the hottest MMO racing games out there with countless users enjoying its fast paced action-packed game play. Offering unique vehicles to drive, creative maps to explore and nail biting game modes, the game rightfully enjoys the much deserved hype. Apps To Play - Why Do We Like Playing Crash of Cars?

Crash of Cars is one of those games that you definitely need to have on your smartphones. The article discusses all the amazing features this game has to offer that make it so much fun to play.

First and foremost, the vehicle variety in the game is quite unique and amazing. Duke, sand buggy, convertibles, a banana with wheels, donuts, pirate ships, fidget spinners, submarines and what not, you get to drive them all. These cars have been categorized into common, rare, epic and legendary vehicles and you can unlock them with exciting prize machines in the game that basically are just like wheel of fortunes.

Moreover, you also get to customize the look of your vehicles to make them look more appealing. There are multiple kinds of paint jobs that include standard, premium, elite and special with exclusive vinyl to install on your rides.

The most fun part about the game is the epic weapon variety. You get to install a wide range of the latest weapon technologies on your rides including homing missiles, speed boosters, canon shooters, oil leakers, ruthless spikes and much more.

Crash of Cars brings the most nail biting game play that will keep you on the edge of your seats. You can join a match with random online opponents and you can also create your own game from scratch. Six amazingly creative maps are available with dynamic environments including jungle, mines, lounges and others. In addition to this, the game also offers daily challenges with fun objectives like blowing up enemy cars, in order to win valuable resources that can come in really handy.

The game mechanics is where all the entertainment lies. You have limited time in a match to collect as many crowns as you can while destroying enemy cars with weapons or by simply crashing into their vehicles with yours. The controls are super easy which keeps the game play fast and fun. Cars auto accelerate and all you have to do is spin them clockwise or anticlockwise to change directions. You can ride through mystery boxes to collect weapons and can shoot at your enemies with a single tap on the screen.

As you conquer the battle arena with your favorite vehicles, you also get to unlock a huge variety of amazing achievements and win rewards. You get to unlock cool titles and rank among the best from all over the world in an epic leaderboards system.

The stunning visuals of the game seal and deal and compel the players to keep playing this addicting game for hours. You get to enjoy amazingly detailed maps and vehicles with the smoothest game physics and weapon explosions. Sound effects and background tunes make it even better.

If you are looking for the one game that will never let you bored anytime of the day, Crash of Cars is the answer for you. With its beautiful graphics and award winning game play, you will get hooked instantly.

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