37GAMES to release zombie-themed puzzle strategy game Zombie Puzzles Quest on Aug. 12

Thursday, August 13, 2020 A zombie virus has swept across the globe and only you can help the survivors. Will you? Strategy + Match-3 puzzle + zombie apocalypse? This formula is sure an innovative idea, and it seems 37GAMES plans to make it a reality, combining tactical wargame and casual puzzle gameplay elements. The company is releasing its latest multiplayer mobile game, Zombie Puzzles Quest, on Google Play August 10th. It is time to use your brain to defend your brain!

The outbreak of a deadly virus swept over the world. Almost all of humanity has turned into zombies. In the zombie-infested cities near your sanctuary, survivors are waiting for help. What will you do?

As the commander, it is the player’s duty to build an impenetrable sanctuary, a bastion of humanity, for the survivors. Explore the apocalyptic world, search for supplies, solve match-3 puzzles to take down dangerous zombies, and take the survivors home to your sanctuary.

You can visit Noah’s Tavern, the notorious bar in your sanctuary, to recruit formidable heroes. Their superhuman powers may improve both of your economic and military strength. In battle, cast the heroes’ spectacular skills to destroy all kinds of zombies.

Meanwhile, watch out for potential threats, be they zombies or humans. Commanders from other sanctuaries may have long coveted your resources. Fortify your home, train your soldiers, and conduct military researches while you can!

That said, don’t forget to broadcast a message to all other survivors and commanders to make sure you are sharing resources, not fighting over them. Can your one sanctuary go head to head with a number of others? You could always find out, or, you could make sure your diplomatic ties with other commanders are strong so aid will be sent your way. Alliances are a must if you want to succeed in the post-apocalyptic wastelands of Zombie Puzzles Quest.

Zombie Puzzles Quest is available in the US, UK, Germany, France, Taiwan, Russia, Brazil, Indonesia, Philippines, followed by many other regions on a later date. The official release date is August 12, 2020.

37Games is an internationally renowned mobile game developer and publisher. Its gaming platform covers North America, Europe, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, and many other regions. 37GAMES has produced noteworthy games such as Blades & Rings, Era of Arcania, Puzzles & Conquest, Wild Frontier, etc.