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All-New Behemoths Stomp Their Way into Rangers of Oblivion

Thursday, November 28, 2019 Leave some milk and cookies by the carapace… These behemoths may be terrifying but they’re also gigantic gifts that keep on giving… Frighteningly good if you want to forge ahead of your friends through the holidays! All-New Behemoths Stomp Their Way into Rangers of Oblivion GTarcade’s ultra-real team hunting title Rangers of Oblivion has proven a monster hit with players since its public beta release. The game passed six million registered users not so long ago and boasts a 65% day two retention rate; it’s also received official recommendations on the App Store and Google Play Store five times. With its comprehensive hunting system, as well as a rich variety of weapon styles and equipment, Rangers of Oblivion has won wide acclaim from players.

Three new behemoths have appeared in Malheim — and all are formidable — but the Tyrannus is worthy of an early intro; a dragon behemoth that prowls the Promised Plains and is one its most dangerous land animals. With immense size and strength the Tyrannus sends shockwaves through the scattered civilizations of Malheim. Boasting a bellicose personality — and an insatiable desire to attack pretty much anything that moves — it’s not unusual to witness other top predators going out of their way to offer it a wide berth. Rangers should consider how to bring it down though; because Tyrannus is a moveable feast, there are some big benefits if you can defeat one: the carapace and back-spikes are superb materials for forging the highest-quality armor; while its valuable thunder spirit can become an integral part of a devastating lightning weapon!

Besides the Tyrannus, there are also two other new fearsome behemoths: Oblivion Knight and Defiled Abomination. These, again, are apex predators and will represent a significant challenge for the most experienced Rangers. Though the cost-benefit of defeating them means you shouldn’t pass up an opportunity to take them on.

These are essentially seasonal events — with each season offering new permit prizes, permit quests, etc. Permits are divided into normal and elite, each has prizes corresponding to their status and difficulty. All Rangers will receive a normal permit at the start of the season. They can complete daily and weekly quests to raise levels and claim prizes. You can also choose to upgrade the permit to an elite one, unlocking elite quests and tons of elite permit prizes. Enter the game and check the hunting permit for yourself to see it in action.

In Rangers of Oblivion, after a bountiful autumn, the people of Malheim hold a Thanksgiving celebration to reward the Rangers for their outstanding contribution to the people (mainly for their protection against the behemoths). During the event, Rangers gain points by finishing daily tasks. Once the required tally is reached, Rangers can claim the Thanksgiving Pack; containing limited edition costumes, harnesses and an abundance of valuable resources.

Enjoy the new features and join the fight to guard Land Errant!