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Brand New Mythology-themed Idle RPG, Idle Odyssey, Launches on Google Play Today!

Friday, November 2, 2018 If you like playing idle RPG, you'll definitely love this one! Today is the day when Anubis is released from his vault in Egypt, when Thor comes down from the heavens with his mighty hammer. Of course I am talking about 37 Games’ new Idle RPG, Idle Odyssey! A Mystical world of elves, demons and gods from various mythologies. Released today on Google Play, it boasts a vast amount of features and characters with a very cute and vibrant art style. Unlock, Level up and even fuse your heroes to create new ones, eventually paving the way for mighty gods to join your roster.

If your friend has a really rare and really powerful hero, why not give it a like? Liking that hero could also give you a chance to nab a version of it for yourself. This is just one of the many ways to obtain heroes in Idle Odyssey.

This is an Idle RPG so kick back, relax and watch it all happen before your very eyes. Set up your roster, press play then watch as your mighty heroes slay all sorts of foes in many different locations. Make sure to equip your heroes with gear before you send them in to battle though!

Idle Odyssey gives you the ability to create or join a guild too, grab your friends and create your own guild, trade stamina and resources and help each other to climb to the top. There’s never a dull moment in Idle Odyssey, as you level up you unlock more and more features such as Wheel of Fortune, Challenge Dungeon, Oracle, Tower to Heaven, Grand Expedition and much much more. Grab your friends and start exploring the mystical mythical world of Idle Odyssey, released today on Google Play.