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Eternal Fury 2 is Officially Launching on IOS and Android Now!

Wednesday, March 6, 2019 Fight to regain your memory in an epic fantasy world in Eternal Fury 2! Eternal Fury 2 is Officially Launching on IOS and Android Now! Game Hollywood is officially launching their new strategic turn-based RPG game Eternal Fury 2 on IOS and Android. Eternal Fury 2 is a sequel to Eternal Fury, the popular title with an international player base and more than 2 million downloads worldwide in 2014. Eternal Fury was featured by Google Play and Appstore many times in the North American and Asian stores, becoming one of the most frequented apps. Eternal Fury 2 delivers a new adventure, with an optimized gameplay but never forgetting what made Eternal Fury great.

Eternal Fury 2 features 3D graphics, spectacular battle effects, upgradeable units, turn-based RPG action and endless quests to enjoy. With balanced PVP and PVE features, a robust weapon combination and a thrilling storyline with lots of side quests, Eternal Fury 2 will bring the players the amazing experience of a classic turn-based MMORPG classic.

Players will take the role of a mysterious hero that has lost his memory. But even if he doesn’t remember his past, he will fight for justice and try to regain back his memories to discover the enemies that are planning to create chaos in this fantasy world. In this journey, players will not only live a competitive experience improving their skills but will also be accompanied by powerful mounts, servant, friends, Guild members and their loved ones.

During its official launch, there will be welcome events and rewards both in game and on the official Facebook. Players won’t want to miss this classic adventure!