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The Mobile Monster-Hunting Game, Rangers of Oblivion, is Out Now!

Thursday, January 17, 2019 Create your own Malheim memoirs — rangers of oblivion is now available to download! Download Rangers of Oblivion and join Malheim’s most feared faction, The Rangers. Create a legacy of monster-hunting mastery, defend the land of Malheim and explore an ever-changing, living, breathing fantasy world. Play through a huge range of quests that will test your tracking, combat, treasure-hunting and survival skills.

The developers can’t wait to get more players into Malheim but the closed beta has already seen a lot of early visitors. These monster-hunting pioneers have offered us a bit of feedback on their adventures so far:

Some Early Malheim Memoirs:

Lone Ranger
“The game is really very challenging at the higher end, especially if you play through on your own, the challenges are really tough”

“There’s some nice voice-acting, which is not super common in mobile games. The plot has various twists and turns and it’s pleasantly unpredictable at times”

“The crafting is great, it’s definitely kept me coming back to the hunting — something I’ve been used to on console and PC but not so much with mobile games. The upgrades make a huge difference, so you’re desperate to get that next monster and see where the improved gear and abilities take you”

“The game doesn’t force you down a certain route with your character. The weapons you choose or upgrade to offer a variety of different playing styles but you’re not stuck with them, you can change them freely and change things up with the way you approach the game”

In this game, you can forge stronger weapons and armor by crafting from the spoils of the hunt. Upgrading weapons to help you face the more fearsome of Malheim’s monsters. Initially, you get to choose from greatswords, lances, longbows, twin blades, staffs, and armored gauntlets. With each weapon offering a distinct combat style, skill set and different attributes for your character.

Rangers of Oblivion is the ultimate monster-hunting playground for mobile devices. Download on Google Play or iOS now!

*The game is currently available in NA, SA, Europe and the Oceania. It will be released worldwide soon.