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MyNBA 2K18: A Fitting Companion App and Standalone Game

Rate this Article MyNBA 2K18 is both a companion app for NBA 2K18 and a mobile game. Should you download and try it out? Apps To Play - MyNBA 2K18: A Fitting Companion App and Standalone Game

If you’re thinking of downloading MyNBA2K18, note that it is primarily a companion app for the newly-released NBA 2K18 game on PS4, PC, and XBox One. However, even if you don’t have a copy of NBA 2K18, it’s still something you might want to have on your hands. You see, it has a card game element to it which most basketball fans would certainly enjoy. With that said, is MyNBA 2K18 worth the download for both owners and non-owners of the main game? Let’s find out:

MyNBA 2K18 Card Game

The card game is absolutely the bread and butter of MyNBA 2K18. In a nutshell, this part of the app lets you play against other players in a card game duel. Of course, you will get to customize your deck, draft new player and ability cards, and customize your deck. For non-owners of NBA 2K18, it’s great fun gathering your favorite player cards. Whether you like Joel Embiid, Lebron James, or Steph Curry, you can work your way to getting them, but it would take a lot of grinding. When you start playing, you will be granted five player cards, covering each position (PG, SG, SF, PF, and C), although there are combo guards available.

Game modes in MyNBA 2K18

The gameplay is relatively simple and if you’ve played any CCG game before, and even if you haven’t, you will still grasp the concepts fairly quickly. There are four turns each game, each resembling basketball’s quarters. The game then puts up instructions, like “select a player with the highest offensive attribute” or “pick a player who can rebound well”. Once you make a choice, a small animation will be shown, wherein the player cards will actually start playing basketball. These range from them crossing enemy cards up, sinking three point shots, and blocking shots above the rim. The cards that win are always the ones that have higher attributes. After which, the points per quarter are calculated - the card that won the quarter will have more points. Finally, team that scores the most points wins the game.

There are several game modes in MyNBA 2K18. For example, you can choose to play against an AI opponent or opt to go asynchronous against a real-life player. There are also live games wherein you go up against real people in real-time. After each game, you will be able to “draft” a variety of cards, ranging from NBA players to power-up cards.

Face Scan and other Features

Player cards going head to head in NBA 2K18

Regardless of the result of the games, you will earn Virtual Currency or VCs. If you’re not aware, this is money used for microtransactions and upgrading stats in NBA 2K games. This is highly crucial for NBA 2K18 players, simply because the importance of VC is more pronounced than ever. Every coin counts, so it would be smart to start spending time in it.

Apart from another way to earn VCs, MyNBA 2K18 also has a chat feature which lets you get in touch with other players. Moreover, there’s the all important Face Scan feature that lets your MyCareer player have your face. It’s a neat feature, and it functions seamlessly - just log in with your Steam, XBox, or PSN account, follow the instructions, and your player will look like you.

Overall, MyNBA 2K18 is an app built for all basketball fans, whether they have a copy of NBA 2K18 or not. It ‘s a must-download for people with the main game, and for those who haven’t the card game is worth your while!

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