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Playing Fallout Shelter on Mobile vs on PC

Rate this Article What are the perks of playing Fallout Shelter on PC? How about its mobile version? Apps To Play - Playing Fallout Shelter on Mobile vs on PC

Bethesda first launched Fallout Shelter in June 2015. Since then, the game has picked up a lot of loyal fans who have been enamored by its offerings. In fact, people loved the game so much that they actually made in-app purchases.

People who are willing to make in-app purchases with real money are those that are confident in the game’s quality. The fact that the game earned $5.1 million in just two weeks is testament enough to how good it is!

There was one thing lacking about the game though - there was no PC version.

However, roughly 2 years after its initial release in the iOS, Fallout Shelter is finally available for playing on the PC! That’s good news for staunch players of the personal computer; they can now relate to what mobile gamers have been crazy about since June 2015.

There are lots of reasons why one will certainly appreciate the opportunity to play Fallout Shelter on the PC. This article will discuss though for you, and compare it with playing the game’s mobile version.

For starters, moving dwellers around is easier in the PC or laptop, than it is with the mobile version. In tablets and smartphones, you’d have to tap on the dweller, hold, and then drag the dweller around to where you want to put him or her.

Basically, it’s a very easy operation. However, we all know that working with touchscreens makes a few things difficult. The higher-end smartphones and tablets work just fine, as their capacitive touchscreens are highly responsive, but not so with devices from the lower end of the price spectrum.

Moreover, the small screens of mobile devices compared to the laptop and desktop guarantee that you could overshoot that location where you want to put the dweller in.

We’ve mentioned the size of the screens. The larger screens of the PC and laptop make it easier for you to monitor your dwellers like the Overseer that you are supposed to be. In addition, moving the cursor around with your mouse is definitely a lot easier to operate than using your finger to tap and drag the screen to scroll through.

One tap, and the game just responds. That’s the beauty of playing Fallout Shelter on the PC.

That doesn’t mean the mobile version doesn’t have its perks. It definitely wins over the PC and laptop versions in terms of mobility. Because Fallout Shelter doesn’t require you to be connected all the time to the Internet, you can play it anytime you want to and anywhere you want to be.

The PC and laptop versions are simply more responsive, easier to play and typically does not subject players to device lag. That is, given that their systems are updated and sports the latest in computing technology.

Now, people have options when it comes to playing Fallout Shelter. They can now play the game using their desktop, and their mobile devices. It’s a win-win situation actually!

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