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The Best Free-to-Play Indie Games of 2020 on Google Play

Rate this Article 2020 has been a great year for indie games as a whole and, in this article, we’ll be talking about some of the very best indie games that were released on Google Play. Apps To Play - The Best Free-to-Play Indie Games of 2020 on Google Play

Given how many spectacular indie releases we’ve had this year, it’s definitely been a bit of a challenge to pick out the three absolute top games from the multiple available options. After much pondering, however, we decided on the following three games. What makes these games truly top-tier material is the fact that they’re all distinct in some way and offer something that you simply cannot get in most other run-of-the-mill games of their genres. Each one of these games also has a great deal of longevity so, if anyone chooses to get into them, they’ll definitely hooked for quite some time.

Without further ado, let’s get right into the games themselves.

1: Cookies Must Die

Cookies Must Die is an absolutely incredibly action platformer game that features insanely creative mechanics that are insanely simple on paper but require quite a bit of skill to master. The simple swipe and tap based mechanics make the game highly accessible to newcomers and, once you’ve actually in the game, you’ll pretty much never be able to get enough. Cookies Must Die constantly keeps players coming back for more with its endless array of expertly designed missions and, alongside this, it also has loads of exciting content in the form of upgrades that players can look forward to throughout their experience so, all things considered, this is definitely a game that’s worthy of being in this list.

2: Maze Machina

If you enjoy puzzle and strategy games and are looking for a truly innovative and engaging gameplay experience that’ll test both your puzzle solving skills and your strategic prowess, Maze Machina is the game to play. This is an incredibly creative game featuring extremely well thought out turn-based gameplay in which every single decision matters greatly, much like in other renowned strategy games like Chess. The game keeps finding ways to push the skills of players to the absolute limit and, if you truly want to put your inner tactician to the test, we urge giving Maze Machina a shot.

3: Sky: Children of the Light

Sky: Children of the Light is perhaps one of the most breathtaking games you can find on Google Play currently. The game features an art style that’s almost ethereal and you’ll be thoroughly captivated as you run and fly across its intricately crafted game world on a thoroughly immersive quest. The game might not be as mechanically or strategically demanding as the two aforementioned games on this list but it’s just as enjoyable, if not more, and is definitely capable of having anyone thoroughly captivated for countless hours as they enjoy everything it has to offer.

Overall, while we’ve had quite a few exciting indie games this year, the ones mentioned above are without a doubt the best free-to-play indie games that this year brought to Google Play and we simply cannot recommend them enough.

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