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Top 3 Tapping Games That Are Great for Killing Time

Rate this Article Scroll through this article to find about 3 of the very best tapping games that are great for killing time. Apps To Play - Top 3 Tapping Games That Are Great for Killing Time

Whether you’re on the bus on your way home or you’re tired of working and are looking for killing a few minutes, tapping games are your permanent partners at all times. There’s something really addictive about them that makes you open them and play anywhere without thinking twice. The developers certainly realize this fact and that’s why we’re seeing these games in abundance not just because they’re a bit easy to develop, but they’re extremely easy to play thanks to the super-simplistic gameplay that they offer. If you’re on the lookout for some of the best tapping games for killing time, we’re about to help you get familiar with 3 of the best that you can try.

Masketeers: Idle Has Fallen

A game that has blended idle mechanics perfectly with some RPG elements to double the fun, Masketeers: idle has Fallen is a sublime idle game that’s surely worth checking out. The game offers a fast-paced open-world idle gameplay in which you’ll be solving quests and fight the evil on your journey. Idle RPGs mostly have top-tier combat and similarly, this game doesn’t disappoint in this department as well. The battles are turn-based and you’ll see cards appearing at the bottom of the screen that possesses different powers so, as soon as a card appears, you’ll tap on it to use it. The visuals are absolutely brilliant as well so overall, this is a tapping game worthy of trying.

Stack Smasher

Another fascinating tapping game that’ll certainly keep you coming back for more and more is none other than Stack Smasher. The game offers truly addictive gameplay where you have to take the ball to the bottom of a rotating vortex or, the tower you can say. The game even features a few amazing boosters to help you cause mayhem and, along with all of this, the longevity it absolutely unmatched so you’ll have hundreds of levels to play in the game. This game right here is exactly what tapping games are all about because it’s fast-paced and you can conveniently enjoy a seamless experience anywhere, anytime so if you haven’t tried it yet, do check it out.

AFK Arena

Last but not the least, AFK Arena is another tremendous idle tapping game that users would absolutely love to try. The gameplay is really simple but it has that ability to keep players intrigued for hours. You’ll have to assemble your team of warriors for the quests and battles and, what’s even better is that you’ll be the one who decides the formation before the battle so your strategic prowess would surely be needed. The visuals are quite terrific as well and overall, the game is an absolute treat and is worthy of trying.

All things considered, this is a genre that’ll never fade away thanks to all the aforementioned reasons and tons of others so if you’re a little confused about picking a tapping game, these 3 tapping games are truly great for killing time.

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