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Top 5 Fall Guys-like Android Games

Rate this Article If you enjoyed Fall Guys and are looking for alternatives for it that you can enjoy in the comfort of your phone, this article is for you. Apps To Play - Top 5 Fall Guys-like Android Games

Fall Guys is a game that’s been rapidly growing in popularity from the first day of its release and it’s a game that certainly deserves this as it brought us a creative twist on the battle royale style and has given multitudes of players around the world hours upon hours of thoroughly enjoyable moments that make them constantly want to come back to the game. However, while Fall Guys it’s certainly a delightful game, one unfortunate thing about it is that it isn’t mobile-based but, thankfully, there’s no need to worry as there are actually quite a few similar alternatives available on Android for players to enjoy and we’ve picked out five of the best.

1: Dumb Ways to Dash!

Dumb Ways to Dash is a delightful game in which, much like Fall Guys, you’ll get to run through tons upon tons of challenging and engaging courses while avoiding obstacles that’ll constantly be trying to knock you off your path. The game offers a thoroughly entertaining and intense experience and it’s a great Fall Guys alternative to enjoy on the mobile platform.

2: Party Royale

Party Royale is a stellar game that goes to great lengths to provide players with an experience that’s as close to Fall Guys as possible. The game features lots of similar courses as well as similar physics and mechanics so, if you enjoyed playing Fall Guys, this is a game that you’ll definitely have a great time with if you choose to give it a shot.

3: S.T.A.R – Super Tricky Amazing Run

S.T.A.R – Super Tricky Amazing Run is without a doubt one of the most feature-rich games on this list. The game comes with a vast variety of courses to play through, looks delightful and, on top of all this, it also offers a variety of customization options through which you can fine-tune your characters to your liking and preferences.

4: Ultimate Knockout Race

Ultimate Knockout Race is yet another exceptional game that offers an authentic Fall Guys style experience. The game features the same lively and vibrant art style that the original is known for and it comes with tons upon tons of exciting courses as well as the iconic physics that made Fall Guys so satisfying to play.

5: Hyper Run 3D

Hyper Run 3D isn’t necessarily like the other games on the list as it doesn’t attempt to recreate the essence of Fall Guys, however, it does provide a similarly addicting experience. The game is based on a similar concept so you’ll have lots of exciting courses to run through and your skills will certainly be strained as you attempt to overcome the various challenges that the game has to throw at you.

Overall, if you enjoyed playing Fall Guys then we’re certain that the aforementioned games are going to appeal quite a bit to you and it goes without saying that we recommend checking them out.

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