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Types of MMO Apps to Play

Rate this Article We have a selection of MMO games on our website, but what are these games and how do they translate on to mobile devices. Apps To Play - Types of MMO Apps to Play

With the rise of the mobile device and so many games being created to play on it we thought we would do a series of articles about the different types available. We are beginning with the MMO style. MMO is the short term for Massive Multiplayer Online game, and they are normally worlds or places created where lots of people can all be in the same place at the same time.

What this means in reality is as you are playing and moving around finding things or completing quests you will see other characters doing the same thing, played by another person somewhere else in the world. And more often than not you can talk to them, group up and play with them or play against them depending on the style of game.

Within the MMO Genre there are then several different types of game that cover lots of different styles. These main two that we will discuss today are Role Play Games and Strategy Games. Each of these styles is unique and has a huge range of titles filling this niche up, and while they have different gameplay they all fall under the category of an MMO.

Starting with the Role Play Games, or RPG’s we can see that they are often in a fantasy world where you create a character and then explore the world, following a story and a series of quests to make your character more powerful. The further into the game you get the more different things you can do and some of them require you to play with others in a guild or group to get tough bosses or special items.

Some examples of these games are: League of Angels: Fire Raiders, Dragon Warlords and Taichi Panda. Each of these has its own unique style of play, characters and storyline but they are all pretty fun to play.

The Strategy games are a little different, rather than having a single character you are instead placed in charge of whole armies. You begin with a small holding, castle or town and you need to expand it and build it up to support bigger armies. Along the way you will find many enemies to try to defeat as well as other players that you can compete against and attack. The bigger your armies and holdings the tougher you are and the more you can do. Once again there are often guilds and social groups you can join or you can stay solo if you wish.

A few examples of MMO Strategy games are: Game of War: Fire Age, Clash of Kings and Empire: Four Kingdoms. In any of these games you can build up a whole kingdom to call your own and wield massive armies.

Here on Apps to Play we will be bringing you some of the very best MMO Mobile Games and we hope that you enjoy playing these games as much as we have. Any of these games will be a great experience for you and we have a few more besides that we think you will find fun to play.

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