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What is Gamehag and How Does It Work?

Rate this Article Love getting free games? What if we tell you can get a huge variety of games, including triple-A ones, by playing other games? ...mind blown! Apps To Play - What is Gamehag and How Does It Work?

Most triple-A games don’t come cheap, even if they are on sale, but what if we tell you that you can earn virtual currency simply by playing other games and then use the virtual cash you’ve earned to buy your own games, basically getting those games for FREE? Well, if your answer is anywhere near to “Hell yeah, sign me right up!”, then you’re in luck – we’ve got the website to recommend!

What is Gamehag?

At Gamehag, you can play other games, whether they are browser games or mobile ones, to earn virtual currency called Soul Gems. Once you have enough of them, you can then exchange your gems for any game of your choice, including some highly-acclaimed and/or triple-A titles like Fallout 3, Grand Theft Auto V, Minecraft and Killing Floor 2.

Want to roll the dice? You can grab one of their random Steam key options or even purchase a mystery chest, participate in contests for a chance to win the game you want for a much lower price, or simply try your luck at the giveaway section.

Get free games on Gamehag

Chests and giveaways on Gamehag will usually contain a few triple-A games plus a bunch of runes, and you’ll get one randomly selected item from the list. Runes are basically boosts that you can use to bolster the number of soul gems you earn from doing certain tasks. The purple rune, for instance, will grant you 50% more soul gems if you write articles (lasts for a week), while the green rune will give you an extra 10 soul gems for the in-game tasks you complete over a 24-hour period.

Get triple-A games from chests on Gamehag

Not too interested in the games on offer? Well, not to worry! You can sit on your soul gems and wait for a fresh stock of games, or you can spend them on the many other things available on Gamehag, such as a $20 Gift Card, CS:GO weapons and skins, virtual currency for games like Hearthstone, Roblox or Game of Thrones, a 5% discount voucher or even cash vouchers from Kinguin, and various packs and bundles for games like Fortnite and Battlefield 4.

Eager to get started? Well, let’s dive right into the deeds of earning soul gems on Gamehag!

How Does It Work?

However, to be able to claim any game or reward on the site, you’ll need to first have a bunch of soul gems. Thankfully, these gems can be fairly easy to earn. Here are all of the ways you can earn yourself some gems:

1. Play games and complete tasks
Gamehag provides a wide range of free-to-play MMO games, both browser and mobile games, that you can play. Most of these offers do require you to be a new user/player, but there are some that don’t have that requirement. For certain games, you can earn some extra gems simply by completing certain super-easy in-game tasks. There are generally more games you can play and earn gems from on your phone but you’ll need to first download the Gamehag app.

Play games and earn soul gems on Gamehag

2. Play mini-games
On the Gamehag site itself, there are several mini-games that you can play to earn some gems.

3. Write articles and vote on others’ content
This is probably the best way to earn a large pile of gems (300 - 1000 gems per accepted article) but it does take a bit more time, especially if you aren’t really proficient in either the English language or in writing games-related articles/news/guides that other people might want to read.

However, do take note that the articles you submit may not be approved if the quality is not up to par or if you’re caught plagiarizing. If that’s the case, then you would have spent all that time for nothing. So, make sure you’re up to the task before you start writing!

Write content on Gamehag to earn soul gems

Not exactly a writer, are you? Well, you can still earn 15 gems per day simply by voting on other people’s submitted content. This is super simple work that you can easily do within minutes. Once you’re done voting on all the content you are presented with, you’ll then get your 15 gems.

4. Complete contracts
There is a whole lot more stuff you can do here, simply check out the Walls of Offers on the left panel. You can install, run and/or reach a certain milestone in the games to earn gems, but you can also complete a variety of surveys to earn some gems too! Many of these offers are available on mobile only though, so it’s really a lot easier for you to earn gems if you get the Gamehag app.

Complete contracts on Gamehag

5. Referring your friends to Gamehag
Yes, Gamehag also has a referral system where you can get up to 250 gems for the first 10 friends you refer to the site. You’ll still get free gems by referring even more friends but the gems-per-friend-referred decreases the more friends you recruited. Note that your referrals will need to input your code in order for you to gain said referral reward.

6. Being on the daily leaderboard
Gamehag also has a leaderboard where the top three most productive members (i.e. users who earned the most gems on that day) will get an extra 1000, 500 and 300 soul gems respectively.

7. Logging in daily
It’s not much but you can get 5 gems per day by simply logging in, and if you managed to log in for 7 days consecutively, you’ll get a free games-containing chest to open!

8. Others
Gamehag does reward you with gems for doing certain one-time actions like activating your account, downloading the Gamehag extension, or liking their Facebook page. You can also get some gems by interacting on the forums, leveling up on Gamehag, and more.

Start earning soul gems today on Gamehag

Why Gamehag though?

Unlike many other similar games-based rewards sites, Gamehag is unique mainly because they don’t put a cap on how many gems you can earn in a single day. This means that if you’ve got an entire free day, you can actually earn quite a bit of gems simply by doing tasks and completing contracts continuously. In fact, you probably can redeem your first game within that day itself!


Gamehag is a really cool, website where you can redeem free games using the soul gems you’ve earned doing the very thing you enjoy, whether it is writing game-related content, playing games, or even completing fun surveys. It’s really easy to get into and if you really put some effort into it, you should be able to claim your first game within at most a week!

So, don’t wait - Make full use of whatever free time you have and start hoarding soul gems on Gamehag! The free game you want awaits!

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