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What Makes Augmented Reality Based Games so Enjoyable

Rate this Article Augmented reality games have turned quite a few heads ever since they first surfaced and, in this article, we’ll be talking about the things that make these games so great. Apps To Play - What Makes Augmented Reality Based Games so Enjoyable

Although augmented reality games were relatively obscure a few years ago, they’ve become quite common nowadays and it seems that a new game of this particular category seems to surface every other day. The newfound popularity of these games is definitely deserved because they offer an experience that other traditional video games simply cannot and this makes them feel refreshing and highly entertaining.

The following are the main reasons why we think augmented reality games are so enjoyable.

1: They Promote Socialization.

No matter what game you’re playing, there’s a solid chance that it’s going to be tenfold more enjoyable if you have people to share it with and augmented reality games have always been about sharing the experience with people through socialization.

Augmented reality games almost always have features that allow players to cooperate with one another and one prime example of this would be the three different teams that exist in Pokémon Go. People from the same teams in Pokémon Go are able to take control over a gym and they can work together to ensure that players from the opposing team cannot take back control. Social experiences like these are among the biggest reasons why these games are so much fun to play.

2: They’re Highly Immersive.

Augmented reality games have to be among the most immersive kinds of games currently available because they utilize clever techniques to overlay graphics onto the real world and this makes the entire gameplay experience feel lively and realistic. Due to all this, it’s a lot easier to get immersed into these games as compared to games of other categories and it’s definitely among the key reasons behind the success of this genre.

3: They Feature Unique Gameplay Mechanics.

Since most augmented reality games are mobile based and utilize a phone’s GPS in order to function, this gives them the ability to implement creative new features that you just cannot find in most traditional games. These unique new gameplay mechanics make these games a delight to play because they offer an experience that’s unlike anything else out there. One example of this would, of course, be the ability to walk around the real world in Jurassic World Alive in order to look for dinosaurs so that you can collect their DNA and replicate them later on.

4: They Look Great.

Since most augmented reality games overlay expertly crafted visuals on top of whatever the phone’s camera is seeing in the real world, their visuals tend to look quite extraordinary. These games are definitely fun to play but incredible visuals that they have to offer definitely do an excellent job of elevating the entire experience to a whole new level.

All said and done, the aforementioned reasons are why we think augmented reality games are such a delight to play. Needless to say, we recommend giving these games a shot if you ever get the chance because of how much fun they are.

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