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Fühlen Sie Adrenalin mit Aktionspiele. Kämpfen Sie gegen die Terroristen, Ausserirdischen und anderen bis zum Sieg. 10 Zooba 73 Played Zooba MOBA Battle Royale Choose your animal, pick up weapons, and survive to become the king of the zoo in Zooba!

Pick guns on the battlefield and fight up to 20 players in this mix of battle royale and MOBA.

Be the king of the zoo and earn rewards to upgrade your animals!
9 Genshin Impact 74 Played Genshin Impact Co-op Open World Anime Abenteuer Fantasy Setting Exploration Dungeon Crawler Hop into a vast and intricate fantasy world and explore a beautiful yet mysterious land

Make new friends on your thrilling journey and discover the enchanting stories of the past and present

Master the elements of this wonderful world and awaken powers that were once lost to you
8 Fury Survivor - Pixel Z 77 Played Fury Survivor - Pixel Z Pixel Art Zombies Beat Em Up Smash and bash your way through the horde of the undead and survive the apocalypse

Travel through the wasteland, which was once a bustling city in search of your wife and daughter

Gather materials and craft powerful gear to protect yourself from the ravenous zombies
7 LEGO Hidden Side 81 Played LEGO Hidden Side Lego Supernatural Spieler vs Spieler Haunt the quaint town of Newbury or prevent it from being haunted in this addicting game that you can play on your phone.

Play as a haunting ghost and do your best to cast gloom everywhere or become the hunter and take down the various types of ghosts.

Unlock many different kinds of ghosts as you progress through the game, each with its own abilities.
6 Astracraft 87 Played Astracraft Abenteuer Sandbox Game Mechs Spieler vs Spieler Crafting Form an army of disastrous battlebots and engage in intense battles in this captivating adventure game that’ll keep you glued to the screen from the start till the end.

Enjoy complete creative freedom and build your arms as you please.

Play and test your skills across various enjoyable game modes for a different experience.
5 Knighthood 88 Played Knighthood Turn Based Monsters Team-based Fantasy Setting Bring your inner knight to life as you fight your way to the top and become a legend

Run the gauntlet of facing countless fearsome monsters and enemies to protect the world

Earn your right to be an epic Rage Knight and smash your way to victory
4 91 Played Water Sports IO Games Bask in the warm rays of the sun and feel the cool waters on your skin

Have a blast sliding down the long, windy water slide and reach the end for a big splash

Do not let others ruin the fun for you and bump them out of the way to reach the end first
3 Om Nom: Run 97 Played Om Nom: Run Runner Game Race across the cluttered streets of Nomville and sprint your way to victory with the boosters

Show off your dodging skills in all kinds of scenarios and pull some crazy stunts while you are at it

Collect all the coins scattered about to unlock cool new characters and get to the top of the leaderboard
2 Hunter Assassin 97 Played Hunter Assassin Stealth Enjoy this captivating action game in which you’ll have to utilize stealth to your advantage.

Assassinate all your opponents without being spotted and taken down.

Utilize the various forms of cover at your disposal to sneak up on your foes.
1 99 Played Survival Spieler vs Spieler IO Games Enjoy this awesome and highly innovative io game that promises to deliver an engaging experience to anyone who gives it a shot.

Take down your opponents by utilizing the various different kinds of axes that the game has to offer.

Play on a variety of different maps, each featuring a unique design.

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