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Abenteuer Games List

Spiele, wo Sie die Hauptrolle bekommen und dann eine Geschichte inszenieren. Kingdom Hearts: Unchained X - Kingdom Hearts: Unchained X Abenteuer Turn Based Fantasy Setting Angriff Anime Stroll into the magical and fantasy world of Kingdom Hearts in Kingdom Hearts: Unchained X.

Meet and interact with your favorite Disney and Square Enix characters and join forces with them.

Battle to protect your friends, rid the world of darkness, and save all the worlds from the Heartless.
Grand Gangsters 3D 9.5 Grand Gangsters 3D Abenteuer Schiessen Autos Modern Setting Complete your missions as a notorious criminal

Make a ton of bucks and build up your reputation

Be the most wanted Gangster and rule over San Andreas
Pokemon Go 10 Pokemon Go Pet Spieler vs Spieler Augmented Reality Abenteuer Pet Battle Embark on an epic adventure to become a Pokemon master

Fill up your Pokedex by catching as many Pokemons as you can find

Test your mettle by battling other players’ Pokemons at gyms
Afterlife: RPG Clicker CCG 10 Afterlife: RPG Clicker CCG Abenteuer Tap Game Supernatural Fight against wave after wave of undead creatures and rack up some combos

Switch between different signs to make use of different sets of abilities

Upgrade your hero’s attributes, skills and magical abilities
Arcane Legends - Arcane Legends Guilds Pet Spieler vs Spieler Abenteuer Pet Battle Arena Choose between a warrior, rogue or a sorcerer and embark on an epic adventure in Arcane Legends.

Complete quests alongside online players and team up to bring the enemies down.

Make friends and duel against random players to test your mettle against the best.
Starlight Legend - Starlight Legend Anime Platformer Abenteuer Join your friends and play Starlight Legend, an anime-inspired and classic MMORPG, developed for new players.

Be your own legend: create your character, get stronger, fight with friends and pets, and join various events.

Fight in guild wars with your friends to be the top guild in the game world!
Oz: Broken Kingdom - Oz: Broken Kingdom Abenteuer Magic Fantasy Setting Spieler vs Spieler Collectible Cards Save the Land of Oz from a rampaging witch, her minions and an evil ghost that’s just looming over the realm

Upgrade your team of familiar characters from the popular fairy tale with the best gems and abilities

Challenge various enemies in the campaign, test your strength in the arena or holdout against the horde at the Rainbow Road
Angeldust - Angeldust Sandbox Game Animals Aufbau Abenteuer Dragons Fantasy Setting Angriff Go out a questing in this beautifully made sandbox of an RPG.

Team-up with other players to fight various challenging beasts in many different dungeons

Build and create your game world ala Minecraft style where the limits of you imagination will define the limits of your gameplay.
Animation Throwdown: The Quest for Cards - Animation Throwdown: The Quest for Cards Abenteuer Spieler vs Spieler Collectible Cards Enjoy a game or two with your favorite characters from various popular adult cartoon TV shows

Collect and upgrade your cards, research new card combos and build a strong deck

Set off on an adventure or battle with other players in the game’s arena
Dragonica Mobile - Dragonica Mobile Abenteuer Fantasy Setting Anime Play with your friends together in this action mobile RPG side-scrolling game in real time!

Show your skills, challenge, and beat other players online in Guild War and 3v3 modes!

Venture into Dragonica’s beautiful online world and go on a journey to destroy the evil dragon named Elga!

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