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Duel opponents to the very end in this addictive CCG experience.

Win games to get your hands on rare cards that can turn the tide of battles in your favor.

Build a custom deck of your own by putting together cards that fit your play-style the most.
10 Pokémon TCG Online 1 Played Pokémon TCG Online Turn Based Monsters Fantasy Setting Spieler vs Spieler Collectible Cards Do you have what it takes to be the true Pokémon Master?

Have fun learning and mastering the Pokémon Trading Card Game!

Unlock cards and decks as you play to improve your collection.
9 Empires & Allies 2 Played Empires & Allies Modern Setting Spieler vs Spieler Enjoy a game full of realistic war gameplay and action packed moments.

Create your own warbase and attack the ones created by others.

Empires & Allies offers stunning visuals that you will enjoy.
8 Cabals: Card Blitz 2 Played Cabals: Card Blitz Fantasy Setting Sci-Fi Spieler vs Spieler Collectible Cards Help the people of Aea protect their homeland from the approaching hordes of the undead

Build a great deck and engage both AI and other human players alike in battle

Increase the strength of your cards, and by extension, your deck by evolving them
7 Rise of Darkness 2 Played Rise of Darkness Demons Fantasy Setting Spieler vs Spieler The Demons of the Underworld have risen up to destroy the world as you know it. The only way to survive is to unleash the fiends from within Blood Crystal.

Take over the Blood Crystal, unseal the power within, and take control of the fiends power!

Get ready to wage war on an epic scale, with swords, magic and bolts.
6 Infinite Myths 2: Soul Lords 2 Played Infinite Myths 2: Soul Lords Fantasy Setting Spieler vs Spieler Collectible Cards Embark on an experience of a lifetime as you defeat ferocious creatures in strategic battles.

Summon the power of the gods to assist you in combat and wreak havoc on your opponents.

Play the campaign or a live match against someone from around the world with only the best coming out on top.
5 Dino Empire 3 Played Dino Empire Fantasy Setting Bergschutz Dinosaurs Spieler vs Spieler It is time to gathering your dinosaurs into your fortress and prepare them for war.

Upgrade your heroes, expand your castle and join clans.

Fight both through the storyline and thousand of player versus player battles to victory!
4 GWENT: The Witcher Card Game 61 Played GWENT: The Witcher Card Game Fantasy Setting Spieler vs Spieler Collectible Cards Competitive Enjoy this epic CCG that offers a simple yet highly strategic gameplay experience that’s unlike the rest.

Utilize cards that have been inspired by iconic characters from the Witcher universe.

Put your skills to the test in the exciting PvP mode that’ll constantly have you coming back for more.
3 Black Desert Mobile 76 Played Black Desert Mobile Pet Breeding Fantasy Setting Open World Pet Spieler vs Spieler Get ready for an adventure of epic proportions in a gorgeous fantasy world with life-like characters

Play from a selection of unique classes and experience an exhilarating combat system with dynamic skills

Explore an elaborately constructed world with a wide variety of life skills for you to master
2 The Elder Scrolls: Legends 81 Played The Elder Scrolls: Legends Fantasy Setting Spieler vs Spieler Collectible Cards Dive into the world of Elder Scrolls franchise with The Elder Scrolls: Legends.

Create a card deck featuring creatures and people from The Elder Scrolls and play against opponents from around the world.

Play a strategic card experience like never before and use unique gameplay mechanics to rise from the brink of defeat!
1 Tales of Wind 83 Played Tales of Wind Fantasy Setting Spieler vs Spieler Unsheathe your sword, ready your bow, chant a spell, and give it your all

Go on an exciting and magical journey with your friends

Prepare yourself for the adventure of a lifetime in a land of fantasy

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Games Like Hearthstone Games Like Hearthstone

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