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Why the Mobile Platform is great for MOBAs.

Califica este Artículo The MOBA genre is without a doubt the most rapidly growing genre that the gaming industry has ever seen. In a few years it has evolved a significant amount and with every passing day it passes a new milestone. As of recently, MOBA games have found their way into mobile devices and in this article we’ll be covering why this is such a great thing for the future of this genre. Aplicaciones para jugar - Why the Mobile Platform is great for MOBAs.

There’s no doubting the fact that the mobile platform is one of the most, if not the most, widely adopted platforms out there. As of today, the amount of people who use a phone is pretty significant and this number will soon be much greater than the number of people who own a desktop computer.

Mobiles have also become the gaming platform of choice for many across the world simply because it allows them to enjoy their favorite games while on the go without having to worry about any other hassles so it only makes sense for the MOBA genre to thrive when brought to this platform because players will be able to enjoy their favorite games wherever they are without needing to set up a whole computer.

Another reason behind the mobile platform being so great for MOBAs is that they allow developers to create some really creative control schemes. Currently, when playing on a computer, you control your character through your keyboard and mouse which is in all honesty fine because it’s what players have gotten used to over the years but it’s still something that takes a while to properly get the hang of but on the other hand, when playing on a phone you’ll have all the control options right in front of you on the screen and when the controls are laid out in this manner they become much easier to master which in turn leads to a more enjoyable experience for the players.

Due to the evolution of smartphones in recent years, mobile devices have also become capable of supporting some really high quality visuals. Most modern day smartphones actually come with a quad HD resolution (1440p) which is actually significantly higher than the resolution that a lot of people get on their desktops. This high resolution and insane processing power of modern era smartphones allow the developers to implement some extremely high quality visuals and special effects that make the games a treat to look at.

Last but certainly not least, the experience when playing a MOBA on a mobile device will be less toxic overall. This is mainly due to the fact that the negative players in this genre use the chat feature to rage at their teammates and reduce the team’s morale but when playing on a mobile it can become extremely difficult to stop everything you’re doing simply to type pointless messages towards your own teammates so people avoid doing it altogether which leads to a more positive game.

All said and done, we strongly feel that the future of the MOBA genre will revolve around the mobile platform. What do you think? Let us know your thoughts on the subject.

Califica este Artículo

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