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Choose a class and fight the forces of evil.

Get lost in the visuals and superb storytelling.

Grow your influence and retake the castle.
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Choose a class and fight the forces of evil.

Get lost in the visuals and superb storytelling.

Grow your influence and retake the castle.

Royal Blood is an extremely immersive MMORPG packed with tons of features and content. There is never a dull moment when you play this game as you always get faced with tons of action and epic visuals as you progress along a well-paced storyline. The forces of evil have plagued the land, and it is up to the royals to stop them.

This is the tale of the kingdom of Nostren, the Legion, and the eternal war over the Halidom. Three hundred years ago, during the First Great War, Harslan, the Founding King of Nostren channeled the power of the Halidom to emerge victorious against the Legion. He then banished the Legion to the Stygian isles. The Legion lay dormant, shackled by the isle’s darkness for eons. And eventually, mankind forgot their existence. But one day, the Legion returned. Controlling the power of a demonic relic known as the Dark Prism, the Legion broke free from the Stygian Isle’s shackles and returned to the surface-realm.

The game starts off by letting you choose one of the 4 playable classes. Warriors are tough melee characters that excel in being shields for their allies and deal massive damage in close range. Rangers can utilize weapons in each hand; they dazzle enemies with swift attacks and outstanding dexterity. Mages are masters of both flame and frost; they command powers unmatched by all. Bards weave their magic through enchanted melodies that flow from instruments blessed by the ancients; their piercing tunes tear enemies apart while soft sweet melodies bestow life upon allies making them great supports.

The controls in this game couldn’t get any better. Moving around is as easy as using the left joystick and attacking by pressing the buttons on the right. But the game has three combat control schemes available. You can choose to turn on auto-attack to attack enemies without casting spells or using skills, use auto-skill to automatic cast skills on nearby enemies without using your basic attacks or choose manual attack to make sure your character doesn’t draw enemy’s attention while moving across the map.

The game has a very interesting storyline accompanied by superb graphics and voice acting as you progress through the main quest. What I really love about this game is the fact that your character can automatically move through the map and fulfill quest requirements by tapping on a quest. And auto-potion mechanics that will consume potions once your health reaches a particular percentage. This means that you can get thoroughly immersed in the visuals and the storyline without paying too much attention to the game. You can basically grind and focus on the story without much effort.

The game has a lot upgrading options. You can upgrade equipment to get better stats, increase potion proficiency, and many more. The game also has an interesting influence system that also increases your combat power. There are many options to do this; such as completing area quests, joining flash quests where you join other players in the area in a group quest, heading into the battle arena and many more.

Royal Blood is just a stunning game with a lot of features that keep you busy. It always feels like there is something to do and the world is so lively and dense that you sometimes forget that you are playing a game. And you have the amazing auto-progress controls, you can almost feel like you’re watching a movie especially with the superb voice acting and amazing cut-scenes. If you have not tried this game yet, I suggest you download it now. It is free on Google Play and the App Store.

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Get lost in the visuals and superb storytelling.

Grow your influence and retake the castle.
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