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Games Like Forge of Empires Most Played Games Like Forge of Empires

From a humble town to a great kingdom decide the course of your Empire.

Build your city and armies then sweep across the land.

Play with or against your friends as you take over the world.
Grepolis 10 Grepolis War Fantasy Setting The Gods Player vs Player (PvP) Mythology Start off with a simple town and transform it into a flourishing empire through your leadership skills.

Launch strategic attacks on your opponents by utilizing many different kinds of units in your army composition.

Call upon the power of the gods and make use of their epic spells to wreak havoc on your opponents.
Tribal Wars 10 Tribal Wars War Empire Building Real Time Fantasy Setting Player vs Player (PvP) Acquire glory, fame and power in this highly addictive MMORTS experience.

Start off with a small village and slowly spread your control across the game world and acquire multiple villages.

Send massive armies to raid your opponents so you can get your hands on their resources.
Epic Battle Simulator 2 - Epic Battle Simulator 2 War Player vs Player (PvP) Simulate massive battles in this awesome game that you won’t be able to get enough of.

Create your armies and pit them against the forces of opposing players.

Progress through the game to unlock new units and use them in battle.
War Commander: Rogue Assault - War Commander: Rogue Assault War Modern Setting Player vs Player (PvP) Take control of your very own army in this engrossing MMO strategy game that does not disappoint.

Build your own base and equip it with top tier defense systems to ensure that no one gets in.

Raid enemy bases to get a hand on their resources and expand your own base even further.
Rage War 10 Rage War War Empire Building Sci-Fi Player vs Player (PvP) Develop your castle as your empire progresses through the ages due to the advancements of science

Build up an army to conquer other provinces or bribe the local rulers instead

Climb up the rank ladder by battling other players and destroying their castles
Heroes at War - Heroes at War War Empire Building Real Time Medieval Age Player vs Player (PvP) Develop your kingdom from the ground up into a mighty empire and expand your borders

Level up your hero and send him on dangerous quests to rid the land of various monsters

Amass your army and wage wars against other players to show them your strength
Nords: Heroes of the North 10 Nords: Heroes of the North War Player vs Player (PvP) Choose your race and build a fortress to hold off the hordes of the north.

Battle the undead and other players for control.

Use mighty dragons in your armies to win your wars.
Total Domination Reborn 10 Total Domination Reborn War Player vs Player (PvP) Build your base and research technologies.

Create your own army of cyber enhanced soldiers.

Use your skills to dominate your enemies.
Boom Beach - Boom Beach War Empire Building Player vs Player (PvP) Military Boom Beach is the kind of strategy game that’s fast enough to keep you entertained.

Build your base on the main island and explore other islands, destroy enemy bases and earn resources.

Think of a strategy and set it in motion as you invade and conquer other players' bases
War of Nations - War of Nations War Futuristic Setting Sci-Fi Player vs Player (PvP) Build an enormous military base in this addicting MMORTS that doesn’t disappoint.

Raid enemy bases to get a hold of all their resources in order to build up your base even further.

Explore a giant world map that’s filled with land for you to conquer.

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Most Played Games Like Forge of Empires Most Played Games Like Forge of Empires

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