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Match 3 Játéklista

Games where you match 3 or more of an object such as fruit or coloured gems. Gems of War - Gems of War Magic Collectible Cards Match 3 Competitive Match up shiny gems and damage your enemies

Enjoy a well written story line unified by the characters

Form a team of mixed humans and monsters to win every battle
Celsius Heroes 10 Celsius Heroes Magic Dungeon/ Instance Party-Based Match 3 Experience RPG gaming combined with Match 3 gameplay.

Go on quests to earn experience, in-game cash and hero equipment.

Familiarize yourself with the elements and abilities of your heroes to be more effective.
Beauties Battle 8 Beauties Battle Fantasy Setting Pet Dungeon/ Instance Player vs Player (PvP) Match 3 Recruit various beautiful yet heroic ladies from across the land to your team

Engage the Black Witch and her many minions or even other players in epic match-3 battles.

Improve your Beauties and shower them with the attention and love they deserve
WWE: Champions - WWE: Champions Match 3 Wrestling Pick and pair up fantasy matchups in WWE Champions, a puzzle RPG which is arguably the most unique WWE game out there.

Collect and customize your team of wrestling superstars and go through the different eras!

Use the fighter-RPG mechanics and combine a variety of skills to put the battle in your favor.
Puzzle Guardians - Puzzle Guardians Fantasy Setting Anime Match 3 Play an incredibly interesting and unique puzzle RPG in Puzzle Guardians, that will bring you exciting and intense gameplay.

Challenge deadly bosses, travel across the world, and summon new guardians to aid in your journey.

Enjoy a fresh take on role-playing games, using puzzles to decide your every move instead.
Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle - Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Anime Match 3 Fantasy Setting Assemble a team of your favorite Dragon Ball Z characters to fight and defeat evil characters in the anime!

Go and explore various areas in the Dragon Ball universe on a unique board game-like field.

Use power-ups and and various items to strengthen your characters!
Pet Heroes: Puzzle Adventure - Pet Heroes: Puzzle Adventure City Building Fantasy Setting Match 3 Enjoy this delightful match-3 game that implements a variety of new gameplay concepts into the mix.

Play delightful match-3 levels in which you'll actually have to go against another foe.

Start from scratch and build up an enormous kingdom for yourself.
Legendary: Game of Heroes - Legendary: Game of Heroes Fantasy Setting Match 3 Immerse yourself in this epic puzzle adventure game that’ll get you hooked from the very first minute.

Set foot in the mystical world of Korelis and battle your way through many demons and foul creatures.

Assemble a team of heroes to battle alongside you as you make your way through dangerous yet breathtaking places.
Empires & Puzzles: RPG Quest - Empires & Puzzles: RPG Quest Empire Building Building Match 3 Mythology Monsters Solve match-3 puzzles to defeat the evil forces in Empires & Puzzles: RPG Quest.

Build your own empire and summon the mightiest heroes.

Form alliances and battle it out with teams from all over the world.
Tower of Saviors - Tower of Saviors Fantasy Setting Match 3 Enjoy this highly addicting game that brings together the best of both match-3 and role playing games.

Assemble a squad of allied monsters and use them to take down anyone who stands in your path.

Match different kinds of objects for different effects on the battlefield.

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