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Action Games List

Action game is a video game genre that emphasizes physical challenges, including hand–eye coordination and reaction-time. The Walking Dead: No Man's Land 10 The Walking Dead: No Man's Land Party-Based Management Turn Based Zombies Survive the zombie apocalypse as the brain dead walkers come to prey on you.

Manage your main camp to give your survivors a place to call home in a tattered world.

Discover survivors and train them to fight against the hordes of walkers coming your way.
Fusion War - Fusion War Shooting Futuristic Setting Player vs Player (PvP) Play this extremely immersive shooter game and participate in fast-paced missions.

Customize your character with a variety of weapons and equipment that’ll help you take down your enemies.

Take a buddy into battle with you to give yourself an edge over the enemies.
Fortress Legends 8 Fortress Legends Building Dungeon/ Instance Player vs Player (PvP) Management Defend your fortress and raid others’ in Fortress Legends.

Complete quests, defeat bosses and loot their fortresses for resources.

Expand, build and decorate your fortress to become a true Fortress Legend.
Afterlife: RPG Clicker CCG 10 Afterlife: RPG Clicker CCG Adventure Tap Game Supernatural Fight against wave after wave of undead creatures and rack up some combos

Switch between different signs to make use of different sets of abilities

Upgrade your hero’s attributes, skills and magical abilities
Kritika: The White Knights 10 Kritika: The White Knights Magic Fantasy Setting Kritika: The White Knights is an hack and slash action RPG fans of the genre have to play.

Play through countless levels and defeat numerous monsters with a fast-paced, but easy to understand combat system.

Choose from eight different classes that differ in skills, abilities, and play styles and enter the PvP arena!
Zombie Diary - Zombie Diary Survival Zombies Shooting Fight off hoards of zombies and survive day by day

Unlock guns, weapons and other items to fend of the undead

Complete various missions and become the best zombie hunter
Heroes Of Incredible Tales - Heroes Of Incredible Tales Co-op Pet Player vs Player (PvP) Wings Fantasy Setting Dungeon/ Instance Master skills of all four classes to fully experience the game.

Party up with at most 4 players against a common boss enemy in Co-Op Raid Mode.

Duke it out with other players in intense player versus player combat.
Spider-Man Unlimited - Spider-Man Unlimited Superhero Runner Game Play this fun filled runner game that'll put you in the shoes Spider Man himself.

Progress through the game to unlock different Spider Men from different dimensions.

Defeat bosses as you progress through the game to earn bonus points.
Fight For Middle-Earth 9 Fight For Middle-Earth War Fantasy Setting Enjoy this exciting game that’s set in the treacherous land of Middle Earth.

Choose from four different armies, each with its own unique play-style.

Annihilate your enemies as quickly as possible in order to get a really high score at the end.
Nitro Nation Online - Nitro Nation Online Drag Racing Car Get behind the wheel and go on a drag race in Nitro Nation Online, one of the best F2P mobile racing games.

Tune, modify, and race dozens of licensed cars from Mazda, Alfa Romeo, and BMW.

Create the best-looking and fastest car, compete with your rivals, win tournaments, and play online against other players!

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