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RPG Games List Most Played RPG Games

Games where there is an element of roleplay, often found in MMO games. Each one has a unique setting where players from all over the world create a character and immerse themselves in a virtual game environment where they play as a hero. Kingdom Hearts: Unchained X - Kingdom Hearts: Unchained X Adventure Turn Based Fantasy Setting Dungeon/ Instance Anime Stroll into the magical and fantasy world of Kingdom Hearts in Kingdom Hearts: Unchained X.

Meet and interact with your favorite Disney and Square Enix characters and join forces with them.

Battle to protect your friends, rid the world of darkness, and save all the worlds from the Heartless.
Taichi Panda 9.3 Taichi Panda Fantasy Setting Player vs Player (PvP) Explore a beautiful game world split in levels while playing as a panda.

Solve hundreds of quests in a stunning set of location.

Level up your character and acquire new skills that will help you defeat powerful enemies.
League of Angels: Fire Raiders 10 League of Angels: Fire Raiders Player vs Player (PvP) Angels Demons Fantasy Setting Immerse yourself in this highly addictive and strategic combat experience.

Create a team consisting of many different kinds of heroes that have their own distinct skill-sets.

Round off your team with an angel that’ll provide many forms of aid in times of need.
Soul Hunters 9.5 Soul Hunters Fantasy Setting Player vs Player (PvP) Assemble a part of brave warriors and embark on epic quests.

Defeat fearsome enemies that lie in the dungeons to get your hands on some really epic loot.

Take on other players from around the world in the PvP arena to show your skills.
Evolution: Battle for Utopia 10 Evolution: Battle for Utopia Futuristic Setting Player vs Player (PvP) Use your skills to survive in a far away world where many deadly creatures lurk.

Buy new equipment for your character in order to give yourself an edge in battle.

Solve puzzle mini-games to learn more about the foes you will face.
Rise of Darkness 9 Rise of Darkness Demons Fantasy Setting Player vs Player (PvP) The Demons of the Underworld have risen up to destroy the world as you know it. The only way to survive is to unleash the fiends from within Blood Crystal.

Take over the Blood Crystal, unseal the power within, and take control of the fiends power!

Get ready to wage war on an epic scale, with swords, magic and bolts.
Dino Empire 9 Dino Empire Fantasy Setting Tower Defense Dinosaurs Player vs Player (PvP) It is time to gathering your dinosaurs into your fortress and prepare them for war.

Upgrade your heroes, expand your castle and join clans.

Fight both through the storyline and thousand of player versus player battles to victory!
Spirit Guardian: Vanguard Rush 9 Spirit Guardian: Vanguard Rush Fantasy Setting Anime Player vs Player (PvP) The Lord of Discord was long ago trapped in a trap and sealed away by the Spirits.

But now something has awoken this evil once more and he has unleashed his full wrath upon the world.

The Spirit Guardians have been locked in their own dreams and it is up to you, champion, to save them!
Elsword Online 10 Elsword Online Anime Player vs Player (PvP) Fantasy Setting Dungeon/ Instance Play through an en exciting side scrolling experience with lots to see and do.

Play with your friends in the engaging co-op modes where teamwork is everything.

Fast paced action combat where the slightest mistake can make the difference between life and death.
Pocket MapleStory - Pocket MapleStory Fantasy Setting Dungeon/ Instance Anime Player vs Player (PvP) Experience intense and fast paced side-scrolling combat.

Choose from a variety of different available classes each with a unique skill-set.

Take on challenging quests with high risks and even higher rewards.

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Most Played RPG Games Most Played RPG Games

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