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Exploration Games List

Games that place a huge focus on the Exploration aspect, where players are encouraged and/or incentivized to explore the game world. Fallout Shelter 10 Fallout Shelter City Building Building Post Apocalyptic Exploration Enjoy this exciting vault building game that you can enjoy on the go on your mobile device.

Gain control of your very own vault and turn it into the most prosperous and successful vault out there.

Use the crafting features in order to turn seemingly useless items into potentially game changing tools.
Creature Quest - Creature Quest Guilds Player vs Player (PvP) Adventure Monsters Fantasy Setting Exploration Dungeon/ Instance Build the ultimate team of creatures and set off on exciting adventures

Collect as many creatures as you can and upgrade them to increase their strengths

Design your own dungeons and attempt other players' dungeons in return
Dragon Revolt - Dragon Revolt Fantasy Setting Exploration Guilds Play this phenomenal mobile based MMORPG that delivers a highly memorable experience.

Create your character by choosing from the multiple available classes, each with its own unique abilities and play-style.

Explore a breathtaking game world that’s teeming with life and has loads of quests for you to complete.
Valerian: City of Alpha - Valerian: City of Alpha City Building Building Sci-Fi Exploration Space Games Build, manage, and Alpha, the thriving super metropolis in Valerian’s universe and make it the best as it can be.

Go on an intergalactic journey like no other and be treated to beautiful special effects and graphics.

Build various spaceships and collaborate with other alien races to learn new technologies and gather new resources.
Guild of Heroes 10 Guild of Heroes Magic Fantasy Setting Exploration Enjoy this exhilarating role playing game that’ll take you on an adventure you won’t forget.

Annihilate tons upon tons of different foes and learn new abilities as you progress through the game.

Equip your character with the finest gear to make sure that it can always go up against even the deadliest of foes.
Gangstar Vegas 10 Gangstar Vegas Crime Car Exploration Modern Setting Explore Vegas in this phenomenal open world game that you can enjoy in the comfort of your mobile device.

Complete various tasks and quests as you make your way through the game to acquire currency.

Race through the streets in fast-paced vehicles to see who the best driver is.
Pirate Empire - Pirate Empire Pirates Exploration Player vs Player (PvP) Make your name as the best pirate in all the land in this highly addicting game.

Create and customize fearsome ships and use them to take down any enemy vessels that stand in your path.

Recruit brave sailors and take them into raids to plunder loot and resources for your empire.
Craft Away - Craft Away Point-and-Click Animals Exploration Craft your way to victory in this exciting new take on the clicker genre.

Free and befriend animals as you make your way through the game and acquire resources.

Upgrade your character as you progress further to improve your crafting skills.
Dungeon Hunter 5 - Dungeon Hunter 5 Fantasy Setting Exploration Hack and slash through your foes in this exciting action RPG that doesn’t cease to impress.

Upgrade your character as you progress through the game to deal more damage.

Complete tons upon tons of challenging quests that are sure to test your skills.
Darkness Rises - Darkness Rises Monsters Fantasy Setting Exploration Dungeon/ Instance Set foot into a treacherous game world that’s filled with ferocious demons and deadly beasts.

Choose a character class of your preference and annihilate anyone who stands in your path.

Enjoy epic boss fights that’ll push your skills to their absolute limits.

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