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Team-based Games List

Games that can only be played in a team. Call of Duty: Heroes 10 Call of Duty: Heroes Building Team-based Shooting Player vs Player (PvP) Real Time Play this excellent strategy game that’s based on the highly popular shooting series that millions play.

Build a highly fortified base so that no one will ever dare to attack it.

Create massive armies and use them to wreak havoc on your opponents.
Modern Strike Online - Modern Strike Online Team-based Team Deathmatch Guilds Player vs Player (PvP) Wield the most lethal weapons and fire away in Modern Strike Online.

Enjoy a huge variety of weapons and upgrade them to wreak havoc upon your opponents.

Play five exciting game modes that will never let you get bored.
Mobile Legends - Mobile Legends Team-based MOBA-Like Fantasy Setting Player vs Player (PvP) Competitive Immerse yourself in this phenomenal MOBA game that you can enjoy in the comfort of your mobile device.

Choose from an enormous roster of characters, each with its own unique abilities.

Coordinate with your teammates and take down objectives and eventually take down your opponents.
Ninja Turtles: Legends - Ninja Turtles: Legends Team-based Party-Based Monsters Fantasy Setting Aliens Help Leonardo reunite with his brothers against the evil Kraang in Ninja Turtles: Legends.

Defeat the enemies and fight the bosses with your team mates.

Attack with the perfect strategy and recruit a huge variety of powerful mutants.
Angry Birds Evolution - Angry Birds Evolution Team-based Party-Based Turn Based Fantasy Setting Arena Aim and shoot the enemies to fight evil in Angry Birds Evolution.

Hatch, upgrade and evolve your angry birds to fight the toughest piggies.

Create your guild or join one to battle it out with players around the globe.
Respawnables - Respawnables Team-based Party-Based Player vs Player (PvP) Competitive Modern Setting Aim, Shoot and Respawn in this fun game Respawnables.

Join archery tournaments in 9 epic game maps.

Enjoy a huge variety of multiplayer modes that will never let you get bored.
Fleet Glory - Fleet Glory Warships Team-based Historical Setting Shooting Player vs Player (PvP) Choose from a healthy selection of World War II warships in Fleet Glory and decimate your enemies on the blue sea.

Bring destroyers, cruisers, battleships, and aircraft carriers to the battlefield and go to war with your friends against other players.

Enjoy intense battles with intuitive controls and fantastic graphics.
Grand Battle Royale - Grand Battle Royale Team-based Shooting Modern Setting Battle it out in a massive open world map in Grand Battle Royale.

Fight against players from all over the world.

Explore and search for weapons to defeat the enemy.
Pixel Fury: Multiplayer in 3D - Pixel Fury: Multiplayer in 3D Team-based Shooting Party-Based Deathmatch Team Deathmatch Capture the Flag Modern Setting Take and Hold Engage in epic battles with players from all over the world in Pixel Fury: Multiplayer in 3D.

Unlock the most lethal weapons and epic game maps.

Enjoy a huge variety of game modes and use boosts to beat the enemy.
Warship Rising - Warship Rising Warships Team-based Capture Points Player vs Player (PvP) Competitive Take charge of your very own warship and dive into exciting 10-vs-10 naval warfare

Upgrade your warship by improving your ship’s guns and modules or unlock new ones

Set off to dominate your opponents in the game’s many different maps and game modes

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