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czwartek, maja 13, 2021

Dodano Nową Grę: Tales of Crestoria

Unleashing a mystic artes in Tales of Crestoria Misella and Kanata skit Using a flame mystic arte in Tales of Crestoria Dive into the Tales series in Tales of Crestoria and battle enemies in exciting turn-based battles.

Go through the stories of Kanata and Misella to find refuge in a world that doesn’t want them.

Battle enemies with original Crestoria characters and mainline Tales games!
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środa, maja 12, 2021

Dodano Nową Grę: Pool Fever

Pool Fever lining up a shot Pool Fever gameplay Pool Fever main menu Get hooked on this stellar pool game that’s quite unlike any other out there.

Play against others from around the world in fast-paced and intense matches.

Test your skills in the campaign offers a unique and thoroughly immersive experience.
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wtorek, maja 11, 2021

Dodano Nową Grę: Fruit Ninja 2

Fruit Ninja 2 slicing fruit Fruit Ninja 2 combo Fruit Ninja 2 gameplay Enjoy this epic sequel to the iconic mobile-based game that has fans across the globe.

Play through a variety of different game modes with their own unique challenges and designs.

Acquire new blades as you progress through the game, each of which with its own passive bonuses.
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poniedziałek, maja 10, 2021

Dodano Nową Grę: Ragnarok: Poring Merge

Ragnarok Poring Merge main quest Infinite Tower in Ragnarok: Poring Merge World Boss in Ragnarok: Poring Merge A new menace threatens to ruin the peace in the world of Rune-Midgard.

Rally your heroes and overcome all manner of monsters anywhere in the realm.

Prove to the world your team is the best by defeating other players in Hero Matches.
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niedziela, maja 9, 2021

Dodano Nową Grę: Realm of Alters

Realm of Alters gameplay Realm of Alters intense battle Realm of Alters picking a champion Play this exceptional CCG that you can enjoy in the comfort of your phone.

Choose your hero from the several different available options and build a powerful deck to wreak havoc on your foes.

Combo together different units and abilities in order to obliterate your opponents.
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sobota, maja 8, 2021

Dodano Nową Grę: Marble Clash

Main menu in the game Marble Clash gameplay Using aim to hit the marble Take precise aims to pot your marbles in this delightful game that’ll keep you coming back for more and more.

Compete against players from around the world in exciting matches.

Collect unique marbles and use their special powers.
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piątek, maja 7, 2021

Dodano Nowy Artykuł: How to Improve at Mobile Based MOBA Games

How to Improve at Mobile Based MOBA Games preview image
Becoming a truly skilled player at mobile-based MOBAs is something that can take quite some time and, in this article, we’ll talk about the various ways through which you can enhance your skills at these games.
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czwartek, maja 6, 2021

Dodano Nową Grę: Survival RPG – Lost Treasure

Survival RPG – Lost Treasure gameplay Survival RPG – Lost Treasure exploring the waters Survival RPG – Lost Treasure dungeon Enjoy this highly addicting mobile based RPG that’ll have you glued to your phone for countless hours.

Explore an enormous island that’s filled to the brim with mysterious and intriguing places to explore.

Put your crafting skills to the test as you learn recipes to make helpful tools that’ll benefit your adventure.
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