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Interview with Yin Zhaojun, Project Manager for Armed Heroes 2

Rate this Article Take a sneak peek into the upcoming MMO game, Armed Heroes 2, through this interview with the game's Project Manager, Yin Zhaojun. Apps To Play - Interview with Yin Zhaojun, Project Manager for Armed Heroes 2

That’s right. I’ve been able to score an interview with Yin Zhaojun, the Project Manager for Armed Heroes 2 over at EGLS. It’s an honor to have Mr. Yin answer all the following questions that I’ve asked, and I highly appreciate his time and effort taken in responding. Without further ado, here’s the interview itself.

Just for the record, who am I talking with and what’s your position in EGLS?
I am Yin Zhaojun, project manager and leading game designer of Armed Heroes 2 for EGLS. Armed Heroes 2 is the sequel of Armed Heroes which was launched 4 years ago.

How did you come up with the designing idea of the sequel “Armed Heroes 2”?
Armed Heroes created many classic gameplay, including astonishing gaming experience, open trade system, kingdom wars and various daily dungeons etc. Well, compared with the current graphics and technologies, Armed Heroes has gradually lost its advantages.

In Armed Heroes 2, we have maintained the classic gameplay in Armed Heroes while redesigning it with advanced development technology to achieve gorgeous graphics, a brand-new game world and more exciting gameplay.

Gorgeous graphics in Armed Heroes 2

What key points about the game do you think are most interesting to a gamer?
We believe Armed Heroes 2 brings a smooth user experience that’s easy to familiarize with. Also, the design is specifically crafted to appeal to the players’ emotions at specific moments and specific ways.

Armed Heroes 2 follows a MMO styled game which focuses on heroes and playstyles. The game has 4 classes to choose with 5 active skills to be cast. To level up skills can produce various effect and appearance change. Players enjoy to cast rank 2 skill from 2 or 3 active skill. Each class is initially set with 4 passive skills, yet only 2 skills can be chosen. Different combinations of active and passive skill will create unique skill sets that will cater to different playstyles. We insist on paying more attention to operation flexibility, so the player is actually encouraged to experiment with different skill allocation for their hero.

The game also emphasizes on team up and player interaction, by increasing convenience for player-to-player chatting both online and offline, and by disabling auto-battle function for PvP mode. To increase the enjoyment of PvP, we've also redesign various PVP gameplay and there will be a lot of official tournaments organized daily for players to join in.

All equipment made by crafting skills can also be exchanged in this game, allowing for the building of a prosperous market in Armed Heroes 2. Production skill in game is also greatly increased, and all rare equipment is forged by production skill.

More control over your heroes and a brand new gameplay in Armed Heroes 2

Do you have anything planned in terms of future updates for the game?
New classes, new gameplay in guild, kingdoms and social interaction and diversified daily dungeons will be added soon.

Finally, any closing words for your old Armed Heroes fans out there?
Armed Heroes is quite different with other MMO games. It demands players to team up with others to achieve tougher goals and players aren't allowed to auto-battle function in PvP battles. To some extent, these changes increase the difficulty level of the game for most players. The events in the game are more complex and challenging as well.

We strive to design Armed Heroes 2 as a featured mobile online game to present the in-depth interaction among players, and at the same time, we provide various skills for player to play the game more freely.

In a nutshell, thanks for the support of all Armed Heroes player. We’ll keep their support in mind and will make greatest efforts to design the best games.

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