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2D Games List Most Played 2D Games

Jogos com graficos 2D são habitualmente “espalmados”, com os objetos e as personagens representados em simples padrões geométricos. Beholder Free - Beholder Free Modern Setting Gestão Beholder is set in a grim, dystopian world where you will play as a state-appointed manager of an appointed building.

Spy on your tenants, steal from them, install cameras, and complete quests in this highly gripping game.

Play the first parts of the game for free, and unlock the full game through in-app purchases.
Rider - Rider Carro Futuristic Setting Kill your boredom with this fun epic game Rider.

Perform the coolest stunts on the coolest tracks.

Complete exciting missions and drive the coolest rides.
Ragnarok Online: Idle Poring - Ragnarok Online: Idle Poring Anime Idle Get to play another awesome idle game set in the world of Ragnarok.

Encounter the same characters, creatures, locations, items, spells and skills as you embark on your quest and travels.

Learn a new way to play Ragnarok Online.
Legendary: Game of Heroes - Legendary: Game of Heroes Fantasy Setting Juntar 3 peças Immerse yourself in this epic puzzle adventure game that’ll get you hooked from the very first minute.

Set foot in the mystical world of Korelis and battle your way through many demons and foul creatures.

Assemble a team of heroes to battle alongside you as you make your way through dangerous yet breathtaking places.
Brutal Age: Horde Invasion - Brutal Age: Horde Invasion Historical Setting Jogador contra Jogador Enjoy this epic strategy game in which you’ll get to build an empire of your own.

Raid the bases of other players in order to loot their resources and gold.

Build a massive army consisting of many kinds of units in order to trample through enemy forces.
Champions and Challengers – Adventure Time - Champions and Challengers – Adventure Time Turn Based Team-based Anime Jogador contra Jogador Enjoy this epic turn based combat game that’s sure to keep you hooked for hours upon hours.

Collect over 70 different heroes, each with its own special abilities and skills.

Play against people from around the world in the PvP arena to test your skills.
Empires & Puzzles: RPG Quest - Empires & Puzzles: RPG Quest Empire Building Construção Juntar 3 peças Mythology Monsters Solve match-3 puzzles to defeat the evil forces in Empires & Puzzles: RPG Quest.

Build your own empire and summon the mightiest heroes.

Form alliances and battle it out with teams from all over the world.
Cabals: Card Blitz 9 Cabals: Card Blitz Fantasy Setting Sci-Fi Jogador contra Jogador Collectible Cards Help the people of Aea protect their homeland from the approaching hordes of the undead

Build a great deck and engage both AI and other human players alike in battle

Increase the strength of your cards, and by extension, your deck by evolving them
Kingdoms Mobile - Kingdoms Mobile War Fantasy Setting Guilds Medieval Age Jogador contra Jogador Build the strongest empire the world has ever seen in this exciting strategy game that doesn’t disappoint.

Train forces and send them into battle to raid enemy bases and loot their resources.

Choose a faction and get various kinds of special bonuses depending on your choice.
Alien Path - Alien Path Sci-Fi Aliens Robots Annihilate invading robots in this exciting puzzle game that doesn’t disappoint.

Free planets from robot control by utilizing the aliens at your disposal.

Collect special power cards that’ll give you an edge during the gameplay.

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Most Played 2D Games Most Played 2D Games

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