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2D Games List Most Played 2D Games

Jogos com graficos 2D são habitualmente “espalmados”, com os objetos e as personagens representados em simples padrões geométricos. Unison League - Unison League Guilds Anime Jogador contra Jogador Turn Based Compete and cooperate with other players in Unison League, a 2D MMORPG with an anime art style.

Pick between five different classes and fight numerous kinds of monsters in a variety of maps.

Join a guild, compete in PvP battles, and upgrade your gear to become the most powerful player in the League.
Tap Adventure: Time Travel - Tap Adventure: Time Travel Fantasy Setting Idle Hire and help your heroes get started with their adventure by clicking vigorously on their behalf.

Upgrade your hero’s items, gear and abilities to achieve their maximum combat and support potential as you progress through your game.

Follow up on the quest and earn interesting rewards that make you and your heroes stronger and the game a lot cuter.
Crusaders of the Lost Idols - Crusaders of the Lost Idols Fantasy Setting Idle Embark on an RPG like adventure as you lead your party of merry men as you travel the long and winding road clicking, beating up opponents and collecting gold and loot along the way.

Study and put to good use the in-game party system that combines avatar (crusader) stats and abilities with developed formations that will result in maximum yield through out the game.

Grind your way through quest after quest and have lots of fun doing it.
1942 Pacific Front - 1942 Pacific Front War Turn Based Modern Setting Continue where the Frozen front left off and take your act to the vast pacific ocean in 1942 Pacific Front.

Pick between the United States and the Empire of Japan and manage tactics in the battlefield.

Use a variety of weapons like submarines, tanks, naval destroyers, and the regular infantry to win.
Stormbound: Kingdom Wars - Stormbound: Kingdom Wars War Turn Based Futuristic Setting Collectible Cards Engage in a strategic turn based battle in Stormbound: Kingdom Wars.

Play an exciting campaign mode or challenge players from all over the world.

Collect the mightiest cards and magic spells along the way.
Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter 10 Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter Tiros Futuristic Setting Sci-Fi Enjoy this exciting vertical shooter game that’ll have you captivated for countless hours.

Utilize a variety of powerful spaceships to protect earth from the endless alien swarms that plan to invade it.

Take down massive alien ships in epic boss battles that are extremely intense and engaging.
Game of Thrones: Conquest - Game of Thrones: Conquest Empire Building Construção Fantasy Setting Be the king of the Seven Kingdoms in Game of Thrones: Conquest and fight for the Iron Throne.

Create your own house, build your armies from scratch, and fortify your castle to be the strongest in the realm.

Interact with the hit TV show’s characters like Jon Snow and Danaerys Targaryen.
Stranger Things: The Game - Stranger Things: The Game Investigation Modern Setting Embark on epic missions with Inspector Hoppins in Stranger Things: The Game.

Unlock all the cool kid characters and explore and look for clues.

Test your detective skills in a highly addicting game play.
Dan the Man - Dan the Man Platformer Help Dan as he embarks on epic adventures to take down enemies in this exciting platformer game.

Acquire a variety of new skills as you progress further and utilize these skills to wreck your foes.

Choose from various different game modes, each one capable of providing hours upon hours of enjoyment.
RPG & Chill - RPG & Chill Guilds Competitive Mythology Idle Turn Based Arena Fight the monsters in epic idle combat mode in RPG and Chill.

Complete exciting dungeon battles and upgrade your heroes.

Form guilds and battle it out in decorated arenas.

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Most Played 2D Games Most Played 2D Games

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