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2D Games List Most Played 2D Games

Jogos com graficos 2D são habitualmente “espalmados”, com os objetos e as personagens representados em simples padrões geométricos. Piggy Boom - Piggy Boom Animals Construção Jogador contra Jogador Obliterate your foes in this addicting game that you'll be able to enjoy it for countless hours.

Build up your island and use shields to defend it from incoming attacks.

Steal money from opponents and use it to build up your island even further.
Empire Strike - Empire Strike War Construção Futuristic Setting Note: The Android version of the game is no longer available.

Join thousands of rival warlords Empire Strike, a multiplayer MMORTS, and defeat their armies to conquer them!

Build and customize your base, raise your army from a variety of units, and unleash them upon your foes.

Forge alliances other players and take part in large, guild-based battles!
Trials Frontier - Trials Frontier Corridas a Motor Competitive Take your mountain bike out on a ride in Trials Frontier.

Execute the most epic tricks as you jump on hills and curvy rocks.

Play an amazing story mode and complete exciting missions.
Hyper Heroes - Hyper Heroes Co-op Guilds Party-Based Jogador contra Jogador Aventura Turn Based Fantasy Setting Arena Swipe and sling your heroes at the horde of enemies in Hyper Heroes.

Embark on an epic adventure recruiting the best heroes along the way.

Play Co-op with up to three other friends and win the fight together.
Ragnarok Clicker - Ragnarok Clicker Fantasy Setting Idle Click your way to victory in this new Ragnarok game where almost all the old familiar characters are present and ready to do battle.

Collect as many Battle Manuals as you can and Transcend to gain more power as you reach out for more levels before the next Rebirth.

Experience Ragnarok Online in a very different way in a very different game genre and get addicted just the same.
Tiles and Tales - Tiles and Tales Magic Fantasy Setting Play this innovative puzzle RPG that’s sure to impress anyone who tries it out.

Bring together as many tiles as you can to inflict damage on your opponents.

Complete the objective quickly and efficiently to get a high score at the end of each level.
Valiant Hearts: The Great War - Valiant Hearts: The Great War War Historical Setting Get swept off your feet in Valiant Hearts: The Great War and go through the story of four heroes in World War 1.

Enjoy this hybrid of a game with graphic novel, exploration, puzzle, and adventure game elements.

Revisit famous battles throughout history and well-known locations and battlefields in the war.
Clicker Heroes - Clicker Heroes Monsters Fantasy Setting Idle Progress through a game and win tons and tons of gold coins in the game by simply tapping your way to victory.

Defeat different monsters and acquire in game heroes that will do the fighting for you even when you're idle or have left the game.

Experience the clicker game phenomenon first hand and get a chance to loose your life to a video game where the only thing literally left alive is your finger.
Terminator Genisys: Future War - Terminator Genisys: Future War War Post Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Immerse yourself in this epic mobile strategy game that’ll put you in the middle of a chaotic war.

Pledge your allegiance to one of two factions and do all you can to help your side be victorious.

Build your base and attack your enemies to loot their resources.
DOFUS Touch - DOFUS Touch Turn Based Fantasy Setting Social Party-Based Play this engrossing MMORPG that you can enjoy on the go whenever you want to.

Set foot in an enormous game world filled with sights to see and beasts to slay.

Enjoy spectacular turn based combat that’s sure to test your strategic prowess.

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Most Played 2D Games Most Played 2D Games

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