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2D Games List Most Played 2D Games

Jogos com graficos 2D são habitualmente “espalmados”, com os objetos e as personagens representados em simples padrões geométricos. That's You! - That's You! Festa Play That’s You with your friends, the ultimate party game on mobile platforms and the Playstation 4.

Find out what your friends think about you and each other where the questions are all about yourselves!

Swipe, tap, snap, and draw your answers via smartphone and take pictures of your friends and draw doodles!
Idle Heroes - Idle Heroes Turn Based Monsters Guilds Summon an invincible team of heroes to fight the darkness in Idle Heroes.

Enjoy an epic campaign mode featuring a huge variety of exciting challenges.

Team up with your buddies and take on the best teams in the world.
Final Fantasy Record Keeper - Final Fantasy Record Keeper Turn Based Fantasy Setting Anime Play Final Fantasy Record Keeper and relive classic Final Fantasy moments with your favorite characters.

Create your own Final Fantasy party from a massive roster of characters and lead them to battle.

Defend your legacy, save the kingdom’s future, and fight enemies using Final Fantasy’s signature turn-based mechanics.
Tour de France - Cycling stars - Tour de France - Cycling stars Cycling Modern Setting Party-Based Competitive Gestão Cycle around the world to become the best in Tour de France - Cycling stars.

Manage your team and form the perfect strategy to win the race.

Play tournaments, complete daily challenges or start your career.
Hawk - Freedom Squadron - Hawk - Freedom Squadron Co-op Tiros Play Hawk - Freedom Squadron and destroy the Autocrat’s armadas in this arcade aerial shooter.

Use a broad range of aircraft upgrades to strengthen your craft to complete various missions.

Defeat enemies that number by the dozens and bosses that can’t even fit the entire screen.
Ninja Saga - Ninja Saga Turn Based Ninja Anime Play Ninja Saga and get immersed in a vast world full of ninjas protected by their guardians.

Learn various techniques or jutsus, strengthen your ninja, and defeat monsters and your foes.

Recruit friends to your crew, join a clan, and fight others in exciting real-time battles in the arena.
Mini DAYZ - Mini DAYZ Survival Zombies Modern Setting Crafting Survive the zombie apocalypse in the wild in Mini DAYZ.

Collect resources and craft your survival with your own hands.

Beware of the infected zombies and enemies coming to hunt you down.
King of Rebirth: Undead Age - King of Rebirth: Undead Age Empire Building Fantasy Setting Guilds Jogador contra Jogador Rise from the ashes of the dead in King of Rebirth: Undead Age, and claim the throne that is rightfully yours.

Unleash the powerful horde of the undead on the mortals and get revenge against them for destroying your empire.

Go up against other players from around the world, build alliances, and cities to become the one and only king.
Monster Galaxy - Monster Galaxy Turn Based Monsters Fantasy Setting Enjoy this exciting RPG that’ll take you on an unforgettable adventure across a breathtaking game world.

Collect various kinds of powerful monsters and use them to take down your opponents.

Immerse yourself in the captivating main quest that revolves around defeating the evil King Otho.
Drive Ahead! - Drive Ahead! Carro Fantasy Setting Jogador contra Jogador Smash the opponent’s head in cool rides in Drive Ahead!

Play single player or battle it out against your friends in an epic match.

Drive a huge variety of the best monster trucks and the fastest cars.

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Most Played 2D Games Most Played 2D Games

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